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Guangzhou MPC Power International Co.,Ltd was established in 1997.By integrating the advantages and virtue of the technologies of international level,Guangzhou MPC Power International Co.,Ltd has developed many electric composite insulators of different voltage levels and mechanical strength grades as well as various composite insulators used for electrified railways contact networks, on the basis of constant innovation. Guangzhou MPC Power International Co.,Ltd is one of the most powerful composite insulator manufacturers in the world.
Situated in Conghua,the backyard garden of thriving Guangzhou City, this company enjoys an access to convenient transportation and graceful environment,boasting garden-style factories and new and modern steel-constructed workshops.It covers an area of more than 90,000 square meters with a building area of 35,000 square meters.
There are 42 full-automatic injection molding machines and 9 crimping machines including 8000kN ones imported from Germany.9 test labs subordinate to testing center, of which the high-voltage test room is equipped with 1000kV power frequency test transformer and complete-set 1800kV steep front impulse voltage test equipment; the mechanical test room is equipped with a 3000kN tension tester at the most. In addition, there are complete incoming inspection and process testing measures for various materials such as rubber materials, core rods, hardware fittings and chemical raw materials.The specifications and models of our products are very wide: the rated AC voltage of electric insulator ranges from 10kV to 1,000kV; the DC voltage of electric insulator ranges from ±400kV to ±1100kV; and the mechanic load ranges from 70kN to 1000kN. As for the railway insulator, we not only manufacture 54 kinds of products with standard specifications and modes according to railway standard TB/T 3199.2 but also provide non-standard products according to customers' requirments. All electric composite insulators we manufactured have passed the product certification of China Electricity Council while the railway insulators we manufactured have passed the joint certification of Guangdong Machinery Bureau,Guangdong Economic and Trade Commission, and Guangdong Department of Railway.
In 2003,ISO 9001-2000 Approved by Intertek;
In 2009,ISO 9001-2008 Approved by Intertek;
In 2015,ISO 9001-2015 Approved by Intertek
In 2012,CRCC Approved;
In 2013,ISO 14001-2014 approved
In 2015,ISO 14001-2015 approved
In 2017,OHSAS18001:2017 approved

Except composite insulator manufacturing, we also have independent silicone rubber compounding factory and FRP rod pultrusion factory and Metal fitting factory which are 100% owned by Guangzhou MPC. we are supplying our compound rubber and FRP rod/metal fitting to other composite insulator manufacturers in over 15 countries including America, Italy, Russia, India, Brazil, Ethiopia, Egypt, Iran,  Span, etc. 

Quality Policy:
Gather the World's Advanced Technologies to
Develop High-Quality Electric Products and
Create the MPC International Brand.
Enterprise Spirit:
Make Improvements Every Moment.

Ouyang Xudan,one of the inventors of Chinese composite insulator, is in charge of the research and development of the technology,making it a leading company in the industry.
Having passed many kinds of quality identifications such as Intertek IS09001, ISO14001,CRCC,PCCC etc. to guarantee the quality at a high and stable level.
It possesses a research and development team and design team made up of over 28 experts which have strong strengths to research,develop and design, guaranteeing it to be on leading position in the industry.
It has successfully practiced a research and development mode which integrates with production,learning and research, and has cooperated with many research institutes such as Tsinghua University,Xi'an Jiaotong University,Chongqing University,South China University of Technology,China ElectricPower Research Institute,Xi'an High Voltage Apparatus Research Institute etc. to do scientific researches on composite insulator and having making great achievements.
It is a member company of Standardization Administration of People's Republic of China and Standardization Administration in electric power industry. As one of the makers of national and industrial standards, it has taken part in the formulation of national and industrial standard for composite insulator for a long time.
It is the supplier of over 50% shares of composite insulators of the Yunnan-Guangdong direct current project which is the world's first circuit with the highest voltage ±800kV.
It is the only composite insulator company in the world that has successfully set power grids in the area with the highest altitude(4,300 meters) and operated for 14 years, making great contribution to the aging research in an environment at a high altitude and with strong ultraviolet exposure for China's composite insulator industry.
It is the only enterprise that has studied the natural aging (exposure test) of rubber ingredients in eight different climate conditions for 10 years and has stuck to research on improvement of the property of rubber ingredients, core rods, hardware fittings and interface, making it a pioneer in the industry.
It has patents that have making prominent contributions to the industry and invented composite insulator terminal compression joint procedures, blazing a new trail in the composite insulator terminal compression joint technology.
It has paid the annual tax more than RMB 30 million for five consecutive years, being an undisputable model in the industry that has shouldered social responsibilities and created social benefits.

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